We design and build software from the ground-up with a focus on clean design and intuitive interactions.

We're a team of passionate, multi-disciplinary students who are committed to engineering well-designed, reliable software. We're hackers at heart, excited to explore any new ideas we generate. We're eager to solve challenging problems and deliver excellent results.

Previously, we've developed online educational platforms for organisations such as UFDS and DOVERMUN, helping over 1,000 students digest complex topics and explore their passions. We've contributed to the open-source ecosystem through projects such as voltproxy and ambit. We've also won multiple hackathon awards, such as Best Pre-University Hack from NUS Hack&Roll 2 years in a row.

We're always excited to take on new projects. Get in touch with us at hello@plam.dev!

Our team

Founded in Singapore, now based internationally.

Lucas Sta Maria

Boston, Massachusetts

Mathematics and Computer Science student at Northeastern University.

Leo Seojun Lee

Oxford, United Kingdom

Computer Science student at the University of Oxford.

Edward Wibowo

Providence, Rhode Island

Computer Science and Mathematics student at Brown University.

Vir Chaudhury


Full-time National Serviceman at the Singapore Armed Forces.